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ENTP – Another “so many possibilities” type!

ENTP – Another “so many possibilities” type!

Written by Catherine Rains

Similarly to ENFP preferences, ENTP’s dominant function is Extraverted Intuition, meaning they see possibilities everywhere they look, particularly as they pertain to systems and how they can improve/fix them.  Some of you might recall that in MBTI® Certification we dub them the “possibilities for systems” type.  Again, with preferences for both N and P, they are the “super P’s”, being open to all possibilities, which can sometimes result in difficulty with narrowing or focusing their wide range of career interests.  This following list from ENTP types certainly reflect this wide range of interests, while also showing their primary “heart of type” motivation (NT) to improve and/or fix a system: Lawyer, Writer, Linguist, CIA Agent, University Faculty, Coach, Consultant, Public Speaker, Politician, Human Resources, Psychologist, Training and Development, School Psychologist, High Ed Administrator, Chef, and Radio Personality.

Call to those of you who prefer ENTP – What other careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better. Feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that other types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer ENTP.


  1. I’m in Organization Development as an internal consultant. My career passion is ALL about improving systems, creating effective teams, and building the human side of business. ENTP all the way!

  2. Entrepreneur!

  3. Marketing.

    • I’m a HR Manager. Considered Journalism, makeup artistry, chef. I’m heading down the OD route presently. I completely relate to having a bent for system improvement!

  4. Mental Health Counselor
    Career Counselor

  5. Echoing two of the previous comments, entreprenuer and organizational development consultant.

  6. I have worked most of my career as a Manager of Bus Scheduling in Public Transportation.

  7. I’m currently a training Coordinator , my new job! After changing 4 jobs in 4 year I finally reached to something I’m passionate about ,
    I’m in training and development , community development , entrepreneurship , youth development. I’m a trainer and preparing to be a pro coach.

  8. scientist with ambition for project management

  9. Thanks to all of you for adding your ENTP comments to the list of careers. What you listed certainly validates what I have heard from ENTP’s in terms of what interests them in a career. Any more ENTP careers that we haven’t listed yet?

  10. My husband – ENTP is a carpenter, loves to take someone old and rickety and make it into something amazing – like houses!

  11. Mechanical engineer. Although, bee farming is starting to look rather attractive…

  12. Musician and future religious leader.
    Also struggled with the idea of being an entrepreneur.

  13. Hello,
    Since you’re posting about ENTPs, I thought it would be relevant to share the ENTP video I made with you. Enjoy!
    Feel free to use it if you like.

    • How cool is that?! Thanks so much for sharing with us! We’d love to share it on our sites, if you don’t mind!

  14. Marketing Research Analyst
    We basically design and field studies for our clients with the hope of helping them to better understand their business problems so that they can make more sound decisions.

    It plays well to my desire to solve a variety of problems. No two issues that our clients have are the same, so I get the chance to creatively come up with solutions.

    It’s not the perfect ENTP position (a lot of boring details like data cleaning, etc.), but it does give me enough freedom to use my natural preferences that it outweighs the negatives. My biggest strength in my job is that I am really good at designing automation processes so I don’t have to manually do things like input data, check numbers, etc. I’ve learned a ton of programming languages on the job (I never took a single computer sciences class in college) just to create automation processes. The result is that our work gets done faster, more accurately, and I no longer have to do things I suck at and hate.

    I wouldn’t recommend this career to ENTPs unless you can find a role that will embrace your strengths and give you the freedom to utilize your creativity and inventiveness – luckily I have found such a position. However, at my old research job, I didn’t have that freedom, and it sucked – so bad in fact that I considered changing careers. If I designed a new process people would say things like “that’s not your job” or “this is way it has always been done”. My old job really stressed “attention to detail”, which as ENTPs is not our strong suit. I was always thinking, “hell, we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘attention to detail’ if we had a better system that automatically did all of these rote tasks. Everyone was too busy feverishly checking their numbers for errors to realize that their is a way to make the computer do that for you, lol.

  15. While I studied Mechanical Engineering in college and have been a pilot in the Air Force for 15 years, I am interested in a wide variety of future careers: cooking, teaching, designing, brewing, etc… Basically, anything that has high-variability and allows me to be creative is an interesting prospect.

    Oddly, I have found that in the Air Force. The idea that the military is inhospitable with ENTPs is false, it just has to be the right niche.

  16. As an ENTP woman with strong strategic planning and execution skills, I have been successful in politics, public relations, investor relations, corporate communications, corporate meeting planning, and as a market analyst. I can attend to details if the details have strategic value. A few years ago, I completed an M.Ed. in counselor education and moved into career advising in higher ed. A fun ride so far.

  17. Musician


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