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ENTJ – Seeing a better way, and making that way a reality

ENTJ – Seeing a better way, and making that way a reality

Written by Catherine Rains

Driven by Extraverted Thinking, this type is attracted to positions where they can be in charge and move a project to a quick conclusion.  If their team gets off track, it will be their role to get them focused toward getting the job done.  With Introverted Intuition as their second favorite function, they are natural long term visionaries, although you might not know their vision until it is a finished deal, and thus not negotiable.  With NT working together, they are constantly looking for what doesn’t work, and looking for fast solutions to fix the system.  When they are done fixing/improving project “A”, they are quickly onto project “B”, leaving the actual long-term implementation to other types!  ENTJ preferences usually choose careers that involve managing, directing, and organizing.   Careers identified as attractive to this type by those that filled out my survey include: College Professor, Psychology, Theology, Organizational Psychiatrist, Sports Team Coach, Home Renovator, Coach, Researcher, Executive, Development Officer, FBI Agent, and Higher ED Administration.

Call to those of you who prefer ENTJ – what others careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that others types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer ENTJ.

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