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ENFJ – Making long-term decisions based on what is good for all

ENFJ – Making long-term decisions based on what is good for all

Written by Catherine Rains

Driven by Extraverted Feeling, those who prefer ENFJ make decisions as much by other people’s values and what is good for the group, as by their own values and what is good for them.  Naturally inclined to create harmony in their environment, they also want to support the long term development of individuals and the team in which they are working. Their preferences for NF make them motivated to make a meaningful, long-term difference in the world and their choice of careers usually reflects this desire.  Careers identified as attractive to this type by those that filled out my survey (at a recent MBTI® Certification Program) include: Career Counseling, College Recruiting, Training and Development, Alumni Director, Sales and Marketing, High Education Administration, Leadership Development, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Counselor, all the helping professions.

Call to those of you who prefer ENFJ – what others careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that other types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer ENFJ.


  1. Nonprofit Management

  2. Office Manager, supervisor of paperboys, retail/wholesale sales (stained glass), evangelism leader.

  3. Well, to be honest with you, when I was 18, I tried to get into the animation industry. But I suffered from very bad depression, and after meeting some of my animation heroes on a 3 week work experience, I became very disillusioned by their treatment of me and my friend, and dropped out of university.
    I tried going into everyday office and retail work, but found this difficult, as I am dyspraxic and mildy Dyslexic too – so got picked on and told off a lot for not being fast enough.
    I’ve always loved making and creating things (especially sewing), so at the age of 23, I went back to university to get a degree in product design (specialisng in toy design). I also did a couple of part-time courses in entrepreneurship and self employment.But here I am; 18 months after graduating with no job. I never mastered the software needed to do cad design (it doesn’t seem to matter to them that I’m a reasonably good artist), and whenever I go for job interviews now (from basic retail, to fabric-related), they’re excuse for not hiring me is because I’m ‘too nervous’ in the interview. I did have a brief spell of freelance pattern design (I love designing toys)a year ago, but the pay was minimal, and took MONTHS to be received.Now, I’ve re-taken the Myers Briggs test, and found that I was going in the wrong direction the whole time. I like the idea of training people, or doing art therapy, but I would have to do ANOTHER stint of studying – I need money now! I have bills to pay! I saw that it suggested social working for my personality type too, but it just feels to humiliating, and I’m scared that I’ll end up being someones punching bag.

  4. College Ministry

  5. I have been in both sales and marketing in the healthcare industry for over 10 years, so I guess I fit the profile.

  6. Writer
    Event organisers
    Fund raiser
    Newspaper editor
    Publishing director

  7. Expressive writing( blogging)
    As well as my primary career: Fitness coaching (CrossFit Athletes)

  8. I recently discovered the concept of ENFJ and I got really curious about it. I don’t think that I have an ENFJ personality which is probably why I’m so curious about it. I know some people that I think might be ENFJ, they are working in the field where they interact with a lot of people. They are very outgoing and enjoy being in a crowd of people. I however is not like that but still I manage to get along with them. I think that even people with different personalities can still be friends.

    Tavia Cruz

  9. I have trained in education,straight after uni worked as hotel manager .
    I pursued an MBA and focused in strategic marketing research specializing in Biotech/Healthcare and High tech for good. I enjoy using insight to help people, companies to grow and spread knowledge as means of growth and achieving potential.

    The profile spot on. I enjoy mentoring people, consulting Management, creating communities and networks and, publishing and presenting insight to help the growth of companies

    I come across with this link about ENFJ careers. To my amusement, I noticed that I worked in most of these professions or had interest ( History , Archaeology, Spirituality, coaching/mentoring)….

  10. I prefer ENFJ and have been working in career counseling for two years and I love it!

    • I just worked with several career counselors. I wasn’t surprised to learn many of them have NF preferences.

  11. I am a hairdresser….sums up ALL those professions that I am behind the chair and in the salon!

    People help me become driven for them…cause I want to make a difference in their lives!

  12. I currently work as a career counselor and love what I do! My favourite parts of the job are meeting with students, presenting in classrooms, and supervising our undergraduate student workers.

    I worked as a server during and between pursuing my degrees and loved that type of work as well; getting to meet different people all day was awesome.

    Least favourite jobs I’ve had: sales and manual labour!


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