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Do your faculty members prefer Extraversion or Introversion?

Do your faculty members prefer Extraversion or Introversion?

By Catherine Rains

The first step in teaching students to thrive in any classroom is to have them identify the teaching style of their teachers. Over the past 10 years, I have asked thousands of students, faculty, and college counselors to answer the questions I listed in last week’s blog, and we’ll explore the answers I’ve consistently over the next few articles.


What behavioral cues tell you when teachers share your preference for either Extraversion or Introversion? How do they teach, and what do they expect from you?

Let’s start with behavioral cues and expectations for teachers who prefer Extraversion.

Faculty members with a preference for Extraversion:

  • Sometimes engage students in conversation before class begins
  • Might talk in a fast, animated, enthusiastic manner, sometimes “talking” with their hands
  • Generally dislike long pauses in class discussion and will fill them with their own thoughts as they occur
  • When asking the class if they have questions, will wait 3 seconds for a response and, if no one says anything, will quickly move to the next topic
  • Might talk over you, interrupt you, or finish your sentences, and are often comfortable with your interrupting them during a class discussion (in fact, may view disrupting the lecture with a question or comment as a positive sign of student engagement)
  • Will likely include class participation as part of the overall grade
  • Appear to be energized by rapid, back-and-forth conversation and class discussion
  • Might walk around the room as they teach
  • Might assign group projects, oral presentations, and/or class debates
  • Could stay after class to continue the class discussion
  • Might eat lunch with groups of students and/or other faculty, and participate in animated conversation

What else have you noticed that would indicate that a faculty member prefers Extraversion? Please add your comments below.


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