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Challenging Strong Interest Inventory® Profiles: Be Not Afraid!

Challenging Strong Interest Inventory® Profiles: Be Not Afraid!

Written by Cheryl Hollatz-Wisely, MEd, Lead Trainer,   GS Consultants






Yikes! Have you ever seen this?  (Blank under “YOUR THEME CODE”)

Theme code

No GOT code? No interests higher than “little”?  

No GOT code

Or how about this– All themes “very high”? All scores basically equal?

When we have a client with unique results on the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, we practitioners can find ourselves doing a double take  … or at least some serious head scratching.

It’s nice when a client has straightforward results with consistency across the scales. When results are congruent, patterns are easy to see and exploring a major or career direction flows as a natural next step.

However, most students and clients we see have come to us because they are having difficulty with their career or educational choices. And many of these people will have atypical results! On December 10th, CPP hosted a webinar on Challenging and Unique Strong Interest Inventory® Profiles.

I actually enjoy challenging profiles because of the rich conversations and “aha!” moments that can emerge. For example, take the profile at the top of this blog:

There is no GOT code at all!

Our first instinct might be to think that something is wrong, or that the client needs to retake the assessment. But with the Strong we must remember that all results are good and meaningful, exactly as they are. It is only through the interpretation and conversation with the client that we learn the deeper meaning behind the atypical results. An interpretation is only as good as the questions we ask and the space we create so that clients can share their thoughts and insights.

The Strong is so much more than an “interest inventory.” Because the Strong is a restricted psychological instrument, it provides a glimpse into our deeper selves and can offer a platform for a better understanding of who we are as people. And because people are complicated, results can be complicated as well!

View recorded webinar: 

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