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Career Choice By Type

Career Choice By Type

Written by Catherine Rains

Over the past year, I have been asking people who attend my workshops (both MBTI® Certification and one-day trainings) about what careers have been attractive to them over their lifetime, even though they may not have pursued them all.  Type theory states that most of us will choose a career based on type, and I was curious to see how true this was with the people I came in contact with on an everyday basis.   I wasn’t surprised to discover that each of the 16 types had an overriding theme to the kind of careers that interested them, which is also documented by research in a manual published by CPP entitled “MBTI® Type Tables for Occupations” (highly recommended resource if you do career counseling or coaching).

Since my anecdotal results fascinated me, I thought you might be interested in them as well.  So for the next 16 weeks, I’m going to provide a summary of the types of careers each type said they were most attracted to, as well information about the core motivations each type is seeking to fulfill within their careers.  I started with ENTP last week, and will continue with ENFP next week.

A special thanks goes out to all of you who answered my informal survey that provided fodder for this series!

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  1. I must say, I am very curious to see where I fit in!!

    It is most definitely true that our careers are one of the things that define us—as Freud said, “The two most important things in life are love and work.”

    I imagine that ending up in a career that jives with who you are as a person is vital to one’s happiness—and falling into a career that does NOT jive with who you are can be truly unpleasant.

    Looking forward to the next few posts!

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