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14 Years and Counting at my Dream Job – by Catherine Rains

14 Years and Counting at my Dream Job – by Catherine Rains
Written by Catherine Rains (CR), Education Regional Sales Consultant for CPP, Inc. I may be new to blogging, but not to CPP. I’ve been happily employed by CPP since 1997, first as a Regional Consultant serving corporate and education customers throughout the Southeast, and later as a consultant and trainer serving the Education market nationwide, which is what I do today with CPP. Some of you may know me from the workshops I taught in most major US cities starting in 2005. These series began with introducing the Newly Revised Strong, and then the MBTI® assessment for career development, career counseling to type, and many other topics (my name was Catherine Holmes in those days).

Before I worked for CPP, I was a customer. In my last job, I was the Director of Career Service at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, where I used both the Strong and MBTI assessments with students and alumni. When my job with CPP became available in 1997, I knew it was mine as soon as I read the job description because it contained all the elements I had envisioned for my “dream job”. I wanted to have a home office, not supervise anyone but an admin, travel the country, and teach a topic like the MBTI to career counselors. Needless to say, this is exactly what I get to do, along with many more fun things like meet with college counselors to help them use assessments more effectively, and get paid to do it! Even after 14 years, I still consider this my dream job.

Now that I’ve introduced myself to you, I look forward to fully participating in this community of MBTI and Strong devotees. Always fun to converse with those who I share so much in common with, and who share my passion for supporting others to find their dream job.

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  1. I need a MBTI facilitator for Career Services staff here at SCU.

    Can Catherine Rains or another consultant give me a call.


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