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CPP Resources

Product Info Sheets and Introductory Webinars

Here are a collection of one-sheets you can use to show clients the main features and benefits of our assessments.

CPP has also developed Assessment Introduction webinars. In these webinars, Rob Devine details the benefits of our assessments, key applications and scenarios, customer successes, how to get started, and popular tools and resources.

Assessment Use-With Guides

These guides, authored by Dr. Sarita Bhakuni, will help you understand how the MBTI®, CPI 260®, and TKI assessments work with other instruments.

Use the Myers-Briggs® Instrument with the:

Using the CPI 260® Instrument with the:

Using the TKI Assessment with the:

CPP’s Knowledge Center

CPP offers a wide range of case studies, webinars, whitepapers and podcasts for you to help share the success others have with the assessments, thought leadership on hot topics related to your clients’ industry, and help you stay current with the trends going on around you.

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