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You and Your Career: Priscilla’s Career Mission Statement

You and Your Career: Priscilla’s Career Mission Statement

By Catherine Rains, M.S.

In preparation for our next meeting, I asked Priscilla to write her career mission statement using the instructions I shared with you last week. Here is how she responded:

I started out by jotting down words that resonated and then—BOOM. The statement formed, and it was perfect. It makes me very happy :) Here it is: I want to inspire and motivate people to grow, in an authentic and meaningful way, in order to build community and make the world a better place.”

When we met the following week, we talked about how this statement reflects her current occupation, as well as where she sees herself five years from now. Not surprisingly, her statement is an accurate description of what she does now in her current position as college admissions counselor. We talked about how to use this statement moving forward as the guiding force to make sure that any new opportunities she considers also fulfill this primary motivation.

Overall, Priscilla said that although it was hard to get started writing her statement, it helped her realize that she has more clarity and focus that she originally thought. As you would expect of someone with ENFP preferences, she is considering many options, but they are actually very focused: she wants to help/counsel, motivate, and inspire others.

Next time I’ll share the actual options she is considering and the game plan we mapped out for her in realizing her dream career.

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