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Wrap Up the TKI 40th Anniversary with an eBook Download

Wrap Up the TKI 40th Anniversary with an eBook Download

Sadly, the TKI’s 40th Anniversary has come to an end. OK, technically it ended at the start of 2015, but let’s call the last three months the after party! And to wrap-up the after party we have quite the prize – a TKI eBook that expands on the many uses of the TKI in addition to the well-known conflict management application.

Including industry trends which the TKI assessment offers a solution for, customer testimonials and use cases, this eBook is full of actionable insights whether you’re a current TKI assessment user or interesting in trying this assessment for the first time (did we mention you don’t need to be certified to use this assessment?).

The TKI anniversary added some wonderful new things to the TKI knowledge base, including:

and more.

But enough of a review, we know what you really want at this point:











TKI download ebook button

Thanks for a wonderful time honoring 40 years of successful conflict management. Let’s do it again in 2024 for the 50 year anniversary!

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