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What Do You Look Like ‘In the Grip?’


When you’re not feeling like yourself, it’s hard to get things done.

Maybe it’s when you’re feeling sick, maybe it’s when you have too much on your plate. For me, an ENTP, I notice that things are “off” when I lose my autonomy, when there are too many possibilities without promise, or when the competing opinions of others must influence my decisions.  From there, I start feeling worried – all the time – and about everything, and start asking those questions without answers, like “What’s the point of it all?” From there, I just get snappy, and introverted, and I find myself spinning my wheels.

Not surprisingly, this is pretty in line with how most ENTPs might look while in the grip. While knowing this fact doesn’t always bring me out of a bad mood, it does make me feel better to know that the way I might act while in this mood is predictable, and (most importantly) temporary. Since paying attention to my pattern of behaviors when I feel like I’m in a funk, I have been better able to recognize that after a couple of days of wanting to be a hermit, it’s time to make some changes to bring me back to my normal, positive, outgoing self.

It’s also helpful for me to categorize these sorts of feelings and behaviors and to see there is a pattern because along with typical Grip Symptoms, there are typical Grip Solutions. This means, thanks to the MBTI, I can access resources that will share coping skills that have helped other people with similar personalities get through the same sorts of feelings.

Deborah Mackin, President and Senior Consultant for NDC Blogger,  published a great refresher about the types and their various Grip behaviors. I wanted to share it with you as well as the worksheets she compiled. They would be great to print out and bring with you to a session with a client who you know is unhappy with their job, going through change or a loss, or anything else that might cause them to be in the grip.

Summary of Grip Behavior.

Resources and Remedies for Grip Behavior.

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