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Using Your Clients’ Interests in Discovering a New Career Path

Using Your Clients’ Interests in Discovering a New Career Path

With the current state of economy, we are all aware of those who have lost their jobs. Many are struggling to find jobs, whereas others have opted to go back to school to find a new career. Either way, people are realizing that the jobs available to them may not be what they are accustomed to, and they are having a hard time seeing themselves in a different career path.

As you already know, there are plenty of free career assessments online that are supposed to guide you to your perfect career. Yet for many of those, you unfortunately get what you pay for. Many of those free assessments are not backed by sufficient research to guide your clients in the proper direction. One of the most respected and widely used of career assessment tools is the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment.  The occupations have been updated several times in the past 80 years to reflect the most current occupations. The Strong assessment has provided research-validated and time-tested insights to thousands in their quest for finding a fulfilling career path.


Here is why:


  • By discovering their true interests, clients are then able to expand and explore various career options with this knowledge – and of course with your guidance.
  • When clients take the assessment, their interests are related to interest patterns of workers who are satisfied with their work within an occupation.
  • Clients are given a description of their preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation to help them learn more about themselves.
  • The assessment’s norm group is representative of ethnic, racial, and demographic workforce diversity.


There is a common misconception that when presented with a list of possible occupations, clients will feel forced to choose only amongst those. Yet with a proper interpretation (and with the help of O*NET), you can utilize the results by bringing out your client’s individual interests and skills such as critical thinking, service orientation, coordination, writing, and speaking, and applying them to a career your client may be uncertain about.


Here is a sample Strong Interest Inventory® Profile and Interpretive Report to give you a better idea of what the assessment has to offer. Give your clients an in-depth assessment of their interests while guiding them to their next career move!

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