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Upcoming Webinar: Be Better – At Negotiating

Upcoming Webinar: Be Better – At Negotiating

Often when people think of negotiation, they think of high-stakes negotiation: lawyers in dark, wood-paneled rooms hammering out contracts; companies with millions of dollars on the line going through mergers and acquisitions; or prospective executive hires haggling for a higher salary before the hiring agreement is signed. While these are, indeed, cases of negotiation, they represent some of the most pressured and often most intimidating examples.

Negotiation occurs often in both our personal and professional lives, and not always on such a grand scale. Whether you’re negotiating a job agreement, a consulting service contract for professional training, or the training and development budget for your employees, learning the skills and behaviors required to improve your negotiation prowess and be aware of any conflict that may arise will benefit you and everyone you may be representing.

The word conflict can have some negative connotations, reminding people of arguments or negative emotions and even physical harm. However, conflict is not always negative, and in many instances can be a positive situation for innovation and progress. By definition, conflict occurs anytime the concerns of two parties are different and there’s interdependence between those two parties.

Yet negotiation can be intimidating because it is a skill you must develop by gaining knowledge and with practice. But unless you’re completely avoiding conflict at all times (which is not recommended), learning how to improve your negotiation skills will benefit not only you in your professional and personal lives, but is beneficial to anyone who may be negotiating on the part of employees, team members, companies, and others.

Join Pamela Valencia, CPP Solutions Consultant, as she outlines objective steps for making the most of your negotiation opportunities, reviews research on negotiation as it relates to gender differences, and delves into how the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) can help you become more self-aware of your behavioral biases in your conflict-handling behavior and how you can use all five TKI conflict-handling modes to optimize your negotiation tactics.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• Pre-negotiation tips on increasing your chances of a successful negotiation

• Four steps to becoming a better negotiator

• How to overcome potential gender-related negotiation obstacles

• Five things you should never say during a negotiation

• Valuable insights on negotiation behavior offered by the TKI

Register for the Be Better—At Negotiating webinar here!



  1. Is it possible to get a record version of the webinar?

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