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The Growth of the MBTI® in the Middle East

The Growth of the MBTI® in the Middle East

CPP, Inc., in partnership with Innovative HR Solutions (IHS), is proud to present the second annual MBTI® Users Conference, which will be held at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai, UAE, on October 16, 2014. Read more about the 2014 MBTI® Users Conference here.


The Growth of the MBTI® in the Middle East

By Nanette Fairley, CEO of Innovative HR Solutions

The MBTI® first came to the Middle East in a big way when Innovative HR Solutions became CPP’s distribution partner for the region in 2007.  World-renowned MBTI and cultural differences expert Linda Kirby came to Dubai in September 2007 to conduct the very first accreditation program, which had 23 delegates.  That was the catalyst the MBTI assessment needed in the region, and it has since gone from strength to strength. More than 430 people have now been accredited to use the tool in the region, and many more trained users have moved here during that time. Companies in the Middle East use the tool for team development, individual and leadership development, career counseling, and executive coaching. 


The MBTI® Forum was established in 2010 and holds quarterly professional development breakfasts for trained users. Advanced topics keep those using the tool up-to-date and feeling confident to use it in development interventions. In 2011, Nanette Fairley and Tracey Stodart were keynote speakers at the Learning & Development Conference showcasing the MBTI assessment and its use in developing teams. A major milestone was the release of Form M in Arabic in 2012. Having the tool now available in Arabic has ensured that more and more people across the region can benefit from its use.


That brings us to October 2014, when Innovative HR Solutions, in partnership with CPP, Inc., will present the second annual MBTI® Users Conference, which will proudly be hosted for the first time in the United Arab Emirates at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai, on October 16, 2014. Dubai is a center of economic growth, business development, and travel and provides an unparalleled location to share best practices and innovations in MBTI applications.



All About Dubai

According to, “Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that has undergone such a rapid transformation – from a humble beginning as a pearl-diving centre to one of the fastest growing cities on earth. Dubai today is a tourism, trade and logistics hub and has earned itself the reputation of being the ‘gateway between the east and the west.’ It is also considered as the dynamic nucleus of the Arabian Gulf region. Home to just over 2 million people from more than 200 nationalities, Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.” For more fun and interesting facts on Dubai, check out Huffington Post’s article 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Dubai.


Read Using the MBTI® Assessment to Support Effective Change and Sustained Development – a sneak peak of the 2014 MBTI® Users Conference’s keynote by Nancy J. Barger and Linda K. Kirby.

Registration for the 2014 MBTI® Users Conference is open at 


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