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Technology and Engagement in the Workplace

Technology and Engagement in the Workplace

As part of the “Cycles of Success: Employee Engagement, Career Development & Talent Management” series (visit, we conducted several interviews with Nicole Trapasso, divisional director of HR and organizational development at CPP, Inc. Over the next few months you’ll see blog posts from these interviews and more on topics related to talent management and the phases of the talent management life cycle. If you’d like to read more about career development from the personal or employee side, you can find the first blog post in the series here:


Technology and Engagement in the Workplace

Current technology trends have created tremendous opportunity for engagement in the workplace. For example, at CPP, when we were rolling out our talent management system (TMS) we conveyed to employees and management that this wasn’t just an investment in support of more efficient ways of handling performance management from an HR perspective—it was also an investment in ourselves as employees, as part of our development, as well as a performance framework to support the company’s future.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from employees who are excited about using the new TMS and the access they now have to a variety of new tools. They can now track their progress toward goals and capture and share “recognition” emails from their peers, their manager, and others in cross-functional teams across the organization. They can also track new learning milestones and certifications and view not only their job description but also all job descriptions throughout the company.

Tracking progress on company goals is one of the ways that the TMS interactive platform increases employee engagement and brings performance management to a higher level. The framework prompts more regular dialogue between managers and employees throughout the year, further supporting that engagement. Employees gain insight into their own progress and can take a more active role in their career at CPP.

Offering learning opportunities to employees is another great way to keep them engaged. Due to the scalability of digital information, companies can now offer learning tools at minimal cost while giving employees options as to what they are most interested in learning as well as how they want the content delivered. As part of the next phase in our TMS project at CPP, we will be developing and rolling out the e-Learning module, in which employees can either take self-discovery learning paths or have their manager help direct them.

As the Myers-Briggs® company, we understand that people’s personality preferences also affect the way in which they learn. By offering both structured and unstructured learning environments and delivery modalities, we are able to support employee engagement through our learning environment while building our organization’s talent pipeline. We also make it a point to periodically survey how what we are offering is meeting our employees’ needs and asking what could be even better so that we can leverage that information for future iterations of our technology offerings.


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