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On the right path – my Strong Interest Inventory® tool insights

On the right path – my Strong Interest Inventory® tool insights

The third assessment in my journey was the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument. This assessment is used by more than 70 percent of U.S. colleges and universities to help students understand the career path that is right for them. In addition, it also assists people in career transition make fulfilling choices.

For example, careers or activities may be chosen based on what we think is correct, or what may be expected, instead of on interests. Companies using the Strong instrument can really increase productivity with happier workers and foster an environment for growth when professionals realize and pursue their interests.

When walking through my results with Rob Devine, a few sections of my Strong Profile were of particular interest to me:

  • The General Occupational Themes (GOTs) measure six broad interest patterns that can be used to describe one’s work personality – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. My highest GOT themes are Enterprising, Artistic, and Social, and my lowest is Realistic.
  • The Basic Interest Scales represent specific interest areas that often point to work activities, projects, course work, leisure activities that are personally motivating and rewarding. My top interest areas include sales, performing arts, marketing and advertising, and visual arts and design. To no surprise, my areas of least interest are law, finance and investing, and religion and spirituality.
  • The Personal Style Scales describe different ways of approaching people, learning, leading, making decisions, and participating in teams. My preferences lean toward working with teams, helping others, and a preference for academic environments and learning. I am comfortable taking charge of and motivating others, enjoy initiating action, express opinions easily and dislike taking risks. (I think I am really starting to see the theme of my MBTI® type-ENTP-here.)

As an ENTP looking at my Strong Profile, I immediately started analyzing ways my preferences in school and work background correlated to my results and questioning whether or not I have made the right choices up until now. I was pleased to find that a lot of the jobs and extracurricular activities I participate in fall into my Profile.

My interests in business and entrepreneurship, and my value in influence would have made me a perfect candidate for a sales career. However, this type of career would have left something to be desired within my Artistic and Social themes. I chose to go the marketing and communication route because it gave me the chance to work in team environments and explore my creative side.

Curious how your clients can use the Strong instrument in a professional capacity? Check out the Riverside County and MassMutual Financial Group case studies.

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