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My Personal Outlook on MBTI® Type & Relationships: Sensing/Intuition

My Personal Outlook on MBTI® Type & Relationships: Sensing/Intuition

Meet Priscilla Gardea as she goes along her own journey of self-discovery and assessment! As an avid MBTI user (and lover), she will be exploring how our line-up of CPP tools can help her reach her professional and career goals, while sharing insights with you on the “whats” and “hows”. This is one of several installments written by her. 

In my last post, I talked a little about Extraversion and Intuition preferences. The Sensing and Intuitive preferences are sometimes harder for me to recognize in people. Two relationships where I definitely see these tendencies play out are with my grandma and my mom.

My grandma is a Sensing type. She communicates information through the senses and the details. For a while there I found myself getting frustrated with the amount of detail she would share with me in relaying a simple story. I would think to myself, I don’t need to know this—why is this important? Unfortunately, I would find myself getting bored and sometimes losing focus, instead thinking about other things. But, with an MBTI lens, I’ve come to appreciate her communication style.

I remind myself that it’s important for her to share these details. I can still extract the main themes of what she’s saying and process it my own way, but how she shares these details is how she processes her own information. And I’m grateful that I still have my grandma around to be able to share any and all this information with me. From the stories of her childhood to the current goings-on in her life, I can now more patiently listen to and appreciate the details. Additionally, I think about this when I catch her up on my life. Instead of just giving her the highlights, I try to remember details she might find interesting and appreciate too.

My mom, on the other hand, is an Intuitive type like me. After thinking about our relationship in MBTI terms, it completely shows in our compatible communication styles. I love how easy it is for me to talk to my mom about some quick thing, get to the point of it, and move on. When we’re telling each other stories, we’ve developed a little phrase that we use often. In addition to frequently relying on “etc.” and “blah blah blah,” we glaze over the details, touching only on the ones pertinent to the story, and get to the takeaway by saying, “whatever, whatever.” It’s silly and fun but also important to the efficiency of our conversations. Since I live so far away from both my mom and grandma, understanding how they take in and process information has become a huge part of successful communications in each of these relationships.

Next, I’ll delve into Thinking and Feeling preferences.

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