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Managing Your Transition Home

Managing Your Transition Home
Written by Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh
Returning soldiers often feel different fromcolleagues or fellow job seekers from the civilian world. Many wonder how they will find work that will give them the sense of adventure, excitement, meaning, and purpose that they had while serving. You might find yourself asking, “What now?” or “Is this all there is?” Although completely natural for a warrior, these questions can be troubling for you as you seek a satisfying new mission. Taking the Myers-Briggs® (MBTI®) assessment to gain more information about your personal style can help you answer these types of questions—and is a good first step on the road to a more fulfilling career.
How might learning about your Myers-Briggs type assist you in making a career change or enriching the job you already have? One approach is to use knowledge of your MBTI preferences to help you narrow your job or career search to those work environments that might be a good fit based on your personal style.
If, for example, you prefer Extraversion, when you go on an informational interview or check out options at a college, job fair, or career center you could ask:

“Do people in this field value strong communication skills, teamwork, and a willingness to take action?”

Alternatively, if you prefer Introversion you could ask:
“Do people in this field valueautonomy, self-motivation, and a willingness to consider ideas and concepts in-depth?”
Reintegration back into civilian life is a perfect time to reexamine what’s important to you. Use your MBTI results to help you reflect on your needs and whichwork environments or fields of study may suit you. Make it your new mission to put your personal style to work in your transition home.
You can learn more on the topic of psychological type and reintegration in our booklet Introduction to Type® and Reintegration.


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