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Highlights from the 2014 MBTI® Users Conference

Highlights from the 2014 MBTI® Users Conference

The second annual MBTI® Users Conference was proudly hosted at the prestigious Conrad Hotel in Dubai, UAE, on October 16, 2014. A thriving center of economic growth, business development, and travel, Dubai provided an unparalleled location for attendees to share best practices, learn about innovations in MBTI applications, and connect with the MBTI community.

Setting the stage was the preconference dinner, where attendees had the opportunity to hear speakers Betsy Kendall, Linda Kirby, Nancy Barger, Sharan Gohel, and Andrew Bell share how type has made an impact in their life. “The stories of how the MBTI has been used in an impactful way will long stick in my memory as a reminder that our work with the MBTI truly makes a difference,” said IHS CEO Nanette Fairley.

The next morning, keynote speakers Linda Kirby, PhD, and Nancy Barger, MA, world-renowned MBTI experts with 25 years’ experience using the Myers-Briggs® tool with international organizations, kicked off the conference theme, “Developing Talent for a Stronger Future,” with a discussion of how the MBTI framework can be used to address challenges in three key talent management areas: change, culture, and leadership.

The global conference boasted 130 participants representing every continent. “My number one takeaway was the great diversity of people who attended the conference,” said CPP CEO Jeff Hayes. “It was extremely rewarding for me to witness firsthand the incredible reach and value that people find from the MBTI assessment all over the world.”

CPP8With 13 sessions and 14 hours of content, the conference served as a forum for insights and learning for MBTI practitioners. The sessions were designed to sharpen attendees’ MBTI expertise and help them be more successful at addressing core areas of the talent management life cycle.

Session highlights included:

  • Kathy Knott, Director of JvR Psychometrics, sharing the successful use of the MBTI tool with the Dell Young Leaders program in South Africa to prepare students for the world of work and increase their self-awareness.
  • Tara Cherniawski, Director of Learning & Development for the Dubai-based luxury hotel company Jumeirah Group which includes the iconic Burj Al Arab, presenting on their approach to integrating the MBTI assessment as a central part of intact team strategy development.
  • Dr. Martin Bolt, Divisional Director, Professional Services & International Training for CPPAP, exploring how to develop leaders and organizational talent through multi-stage assessment and self-awareness process.
  • Ahmad Alafaliq, Certified Trainer for Erythad Saudi Arabia, speaking to how the MBTI tool has been an essential pillar in their initiative to train and develop frontline employees in the public sector in Saudi Arabia.
  • Sheau Yann Wong, Consultant for CPPAP, sharing examples of how Singapore’s education system has seen great success with the MBTI assessment.
  • Maybeline Tay, Head of the Student Care Centre for the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore, exploring how the MBTI tool has been incorporated into the training of new academic staff members to help them understand their teaching style as well as students’ learning styles.

“The number of attendees, the places they came from, and the scope of the programs gave voice to Isabel Myers’ thought, ‘I dream that long after I am gone, my work will go on helping people.’ And the conference was proof of that happening in a region far removed from her college town in Pennsylvania,” said keynote presenter Nancy Barger.

The third annual MBTI® Users Conference is slated for September 28–30, 2015, in San Francisco, California.

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