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Dr. Harrison Gough: His Remarkable Achievements Will Endure By Lee Langhammer Law

Editor’s note: On May 4th, 2014, we sadly lost Dr. Harrison G. Gough, our co-founding father at CPP, Inc. In the next few weeks, we will share an outpouring of stories about Dr. Gough’s inspiring life. We have also dedicated a special page for him at 

Written by Lee Langhammer Law, CPP, Inc.

Dr. Harrison Gough was legendary at CPP, especially with the research and publishing groups. Over my many years at CPP, I have known Harrison to be consistently committed, creative, incisive, and gracious, with his work powered by a rare genius of all things bearing on the human personality. His vocabulary of descriptors surpassed anything I’ve ever seen! Harrison made an extraordinary contribution with his work, equipping others with unparalleled insight into behavior and what makes people “people” –with all their positive attributes and development challenges.

We at CPP are proud of our roots and our association with Dr. Gough as one of the company founders whose assessment spawned the formation of CPP by his fellow psychologist friend and colleague Dr. Jack Black. And I am especially grateful for the experience I had personally in working with him over the past several  years to implement new work on his CPI 260 assessment, where I saw no lack or diminishment of scrutiny, precision, exactitude , and energy , even in his eighties! Harrison’s remarkable achievements will endure, as will the memory of the rigorous and ground-breaking work he did in creating what is now his legacy.

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