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CPP Webinar: Leverage your MBTI® knowledge to help healthcare providers deliver better outcomes

CPP Webinar: Leverage your MBTI® knowledge to help healthcare providers deliver better outcomes

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Now’s the time to help doctors, nurses, technicians, and others in the healthcare field understand how their personality preferences affect their communication and patient care styles—and how making small, deliberate changes in style can profoundly improve their patients’ overall care and satisfaction. Join Sherrie Haynie, CPP Solutions Consultant, as she provides an overview of how healthcare providers can better serve their patients by incorporating Myers-Briggs® insights into their patient interactions.

This webinar will introduce:

  • What research tells us about patient care and satisfaction. Highlights and important takeaways of research identifying key contributors and detractors related to patient care and satisfaction.
  • MBTI® preferences and patient connection. Overview of how type preferences affect care style, how providers can use knowledge of their MBTI preferences to better communicate and connect with patients, and how personal strengths and blind spots come into play.
  • Style flexing. A look at how to appropriately flex one’s care style to improve provider–patient interaction and connection, and, ultimately, patient satisfaction.
  • Stress management using Myers-Briggs insights. Type-specific steps for managing provider stress and its impact on patients.

About the expert: Sherrie Haynie, M.Ed., is a coach and performance consultant with expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, and performance management. In her current role as a CPP Professional Services Solutions Consultant, Sherrie works with Fortune 500 companies on developing and facilitating organizational development initiatives and team-building interventions.

With a focus on organizational results, Sherrie has worked with executives and senior leadership teams in manufacturing, finance, and customer service. She uses a variety of psychological assessments to assist with the identification of developmental opportunities. When working with organizations, her ultimate goal is to transform workgroups into high-performing teams while solving real-time business challenges.
Sherrie has a master’s degree in education from the Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. Sherrie is also a credentialed MBTI® Master Practitioner and a qualified facilitator of CPP’s MBTI® Certification and FIRO® Certification training programs.

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