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CPP Acquires UK-based OPP

CPP Acquires UK-based OPP

We’re excited to share news today that we’ve acquired UK-based OPP, one of Europe’s top business psychology product and services providers. By combining the talents and resources of the two companies, CPP plans to create an internationally recognized brand umbrella for its line of products and services, which includes some of the world’s most widely used psychometric assessments. Through the acquisition, the company aspires to more readily fulfill its aim of helping people be better through a deeper understanding of themselves and others in order to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

OPP specializes in personality assessment, enabling people and organizations around the world to increase their effectiveness through the innovative application of psychological tools and techniques. It’s the exclusive European distributor of several market-leading psychometric tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), FIRO®, TKI™ and CPI 260, providing high-impact results for personal development, such as teambuilding, leadership development, communication and conflict resolution.

Building on OPP’s stellar performance record

OPP has been CPP’s largest and best performing channel partner for over 25 years, during which time it has developed deep expertise in CPP’s product lines, as well as strong sales channels in the UK and in Europe. CPP has been particularly impressed with OPP’s ability to create innovative new content that addresses local market needs, as well as develop effective consulting and research services, training programs and supporting solutions and products. Through the acquisition, CPP plans to align its business strategies to:

  • Capitalize on the skills and expertise of the OPP team
  • Unify sales and distribution across the US, Europe, Singapore and Australia, as well as throughout CPP’s global distribution network
  • Enable innovation and speed to market

The creative forces of CPP and OPP will collaborate in the development of class-leading product suites and solutions, thereby enhancing and expanding CPP’s existing product and service portfolio. “By combining these two great companies, we believe we will create something stronger than the sum of their respective parts,” says Jeff Hayes, President and CEO of CPP, Inc. “Together we will deliver on our mission to inspire everyone on the planet to know, use, and share the power of personality.”

Meeting the needs of a diverse global market

The acquisition will give CPP additional scale to orchestrate and execute on multiple initiatives.  In addition, CPP will be better positioned to meet the needs of diverse markets–to think globally, yet act locally through a unified business that spans 6 continents and 30 languages.

“Having built up OPP over the past 27 years to be CPP’s biggest distributor, I’m delighted that the next phase for the business will see even greater collaboration between our two talented teams,” said Dr. Robert McHenry, Executive Chairman of OPP. “I’m confident that the pooling of combined expertise in the world’s most popular and well-regarded psychometric tools will accelerate the delivery of innovative new products and service enhancements for customers, and for their clients.”

Acquiring OPP will help CPP more quickly execute its strategic plans through:

  • A combined sales team that is able to reach more customers, more efficiently
  • The ability to provide a streamlined service and customer experience to multinational customers
  • The capacity to deliver a unified and consistent experience for the end users who make use of CPP’s solutions to “be better”

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  1. Warmest and most sincere congratulations to both CPP and OPP! I think there can be no doubt that the many successes of both companies will be invaluable in this new journey.

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