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Control Alt Delete

Control Alt Delete

By Patrick L. Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner

In “Flipping Out” I wrote about how each MBTI personality type can appear when under stress. Here is some insight to getting back to normal.

When your computer is acting all out of whack and nothing you do fixes it, there is one surefire solution:  control alt delete.  Knowing when to use those simple three keys can help take a frustrating situation and return it back to normal.  The same thing is true of our personalities.  When we’re stressed out, it helps to know how to reboot and get back to normal.

ISTJ & ISFJ:  Take lots of quiet time to reflect.  Prioritize what needs to be done, and accomplish a task that is easy for you to complete.

INTJ & INFJ:  Do something by yourself that engages your senses, like working outside, reading a book, watching a movie, or doing a craft.

ISTP & INTP:  Take time away from the people or situation causing the stress.  Get some alone time.

ISFP & INFP:  Get out in nature, or do another activity that relaxes you.  Spend some alone time reflecting or meditating.

ESTP & ESFP:  Do an activity you like that distracts you from the stressor.  Figure out what needs to be done to address the stressor, and get started on doing it.

ENFP & ENTP:  Get some space to reflect and refocus.  Talk to a close friend.

ESTJ & ENTJ:  Talk it out with a trusted friend.  Engage in physical activity.  Take some time alone to think of a new approach to the stressor.

ESFJ & ENFJ:  Talk to someone who will be supportive.  Take some time alone to reflect on the stressor, and to find some other ways to address it.

And this one applies to all personality types:  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Everyone has out-of-character stress reactions, and you’ll eventually get yourself back to normal.  It might take some time to reboot, but you’ll get there!

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