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5 Ways to Leverage Personality Types

5 Ways to Leverage Personality Types

We know CEOs are on the go, working for their companies to enhance the vision for its constituents among other initiatives. Here at CPP, Jeff Hayes is active keeping our company on the forefront of helping our customers be better. Occasionally Jeff will provide gems like the article below that we can share with you!

Profile recently showcased this article from Jeff about how leaders can create a cohesive, energizing, performance-driven environment by applying principles of personality type to five key mainstays of business success. See below for an excerpt.

People are the lifeblood of any company. They generate the ideas, connect with the customers, and deliver the results. However, when it comes to fostering an environment that allows individuals and teams to flourish, many good leaders earnestly ask: “Where do I start?” CPP, Inc., publisher of the widely known personality-assessment tool the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, seems to have found the answer.

  • Building Trust: Truly knowing your team members’ personality types provides a way to begin rebuilding trust by tailoring your tactics to the preferences of your people base on a psychometrically validated model.
  • Leadership: Understanding personality types offers insight into how your behavior is perceived by team members, empowering you to act and communicate in ways that inspire and motivate.
  • Team Building: Effective team building is the most fundamental benefit of personality-type understanding. Appreciating the diverse ways people take in information, make decisions, and relate to the world, and recognizing the environments in which different personalities excel helps coworkers communicate to foster greater cohesion.
  • Innovation: Some individuals are most comfortable generating ideas from scratch; others excel at refining existing ideas or adapting outside paradigms internally. With a management strategy guided by personality-type understanding, employees can combine strengths to implement resulting innovations.
  • Managing Stress: Stress reactions are actually quite predictable based on personality type and understanding the negative impacts can enable individuals to better support and understand each other.

Read “Winning Personalities: 5 Ways to Leverage Personality Types,” from Jeff Hayes.

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