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Interview: The Beginnings of the SuperStrong Assessment

Jun 7, 2017 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

While CPP, Inc. has been around for over sixty years and is best known for the Myers-Briggs® and Strong Interest Inventory® assessments, our small but mighty division, CPP Innovation Labs, was created to listen to our customer’s and the market’s current needs to develop products and services to address those. Challenging the status quo is what we’re all about at CPP Innovation Labs. Craig Johnson, Director of Data Science, talks to us about how the SuperStrong assessment was developed.

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Webinar: Build the Workforce of Tomorrow

May 3, 2017 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

“96% of students completed the SuperStrong assessment, whereas most assessments typically achieve a 75–80% completion rate” – Data gathered from a recent First-Year Experience course at a four-year university With that kind of completion rate, it’s no wonder that our newest offering, the SuperStrong™ tool, derived from the gold-standard Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, is gaining a lot of attention within 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities. Join us for a free webinar to learn about how this mobile-enabled, self-interpretable tool, which takes only 5-7 minutes to complete, can help your students choose the right education and career paths for their particular interests.

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Leadership Development Initiatives 75% More Effective with the FIRO-B Instrument

Mar 13, 2017 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

ALD Corporate Development is a full-service corporate development and management consulting firm  that offers three tracks: executive coaching, small business consulting for growth and profit through results-driven actions, and executive leadership training and seminars. And in today’s fast-paced business environment, HR and LD managers are often overwhelmed and stretched too thin but still need to continually assess and tweak how leaders are performing and how that affects the company’s bottom line – which is why they hire consultants like ALD Corporate Development. ALD’s CEO, Guy Denniston, has over 30 years of corporate development experience in both the asset and non-asset supply chain industries and has consistently turned failing companies into thriving, profitable organizations. He’s also an advocate of the FIRO-B tool for leadership development and teamwork workshops. Want to learn more about how ALD Corporate Development uses the FIRO-B assessment? Take a look at the case study below:     Interested in learning more about the FIRO-B assessment and how you can use it in your own organization or consulting practice? Download a sample report here and then visit the FIRO-B Certification page page...

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7 Leadership Traits of Successful CIO’s

Feb 17, 2017 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

This article originally appeared in CIO Magazine. To read the article in its original format, click here.  The California Psychology Inventory (CPI), developed by CPP — the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment — is an assessment tool that help leaders gain more insight into and improve their performance. Ultimately, the CPI helps identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you and can help you understand your personal “thinking style.” This year, the CPP released the seven key traits CIOs need in order to be successful leaders. These are the key traits most commonly associated with CIOs who have taken the assessment test. According to Sherrie Haynie, an organizational development consultant and personality expert with CPP, these traits are set to become increasingly important as cloud infrastructure pushes these leaders to become “agents of change.” Businesses will need strong CIO leadership to smoothly navigate such a transitional time in technology — and a good place to start is to find someone who has these seven leadership traits. Empathy Part of running a successful business involves understanding your employees and their day-to-day roles inside the company. But your employees are often juggling more than just their day jobs — the American Institute of Stress cites workload, people issues, work-life balance and lack of job security as four of the biggest stressors facing modern workers. And, as the American Institute of Stress points out, increased levels of job stress can lead to less engaged, productive and effective employees. “Empathy is one of the most critical competencies in the execution of leadership. CIOs who demonstrate empathy are able to get inside their employees’ and co-workers’ experiences and try to imagine what they are thinking and feeling. CIOs who display a high preference towards empathy understand that getting buy-in from the rest of their team requires others to believe in their message,” says Haynie. Building a culture of empathy starts at the top by setting a standard for everyone else to follow. An empathetic company culture will encourage workers to speak up if they’re struggling either personally or with their workload. Dominance Dominance in leadership requires a delicate balance — an overly dominant leader won’t gain many followers, while a nondominant leader may portray a lack of confidence. The best CIOs and leaders are the ones who can find a balance between dominance and empathy, says Haynie. “Dominance is a...

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CPP Acquires UK-based OPP

Nov 10, 2016 in CPP Connect | 1 comment

We’re excited to share news today that we’ve acquired UK-based OPP, one of Europe’s top business psychology product and services providers. By combining the talents and resources of the two companies, CPP plans to create an internationally recognized brand umbrella for its line of products and services, which includes some of the world’s most widely used psychometric assessments. Through the acquisition, the company aspires to more readily fulfill its aim of helping people be better through a deeper understanding of themselves and others in order to lead more productive and fulfilling lives. OPP specializes in personality assessment, enabling people and organizations around the world to increase their effectiveness through the innovative application of psychological tools and techniques. It’s the exclusive European distributor of several market-leading psychometric tools, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), FIRO®, TKI™ and CPI 260, providing high-impact results for personal development, such as teambuilding, leadership development, communication and conflict resolution. Building on OPP’s stellar performance record OPP has been CPP’s largest and best performing channel partner for over 25 years, during which time it has developed deep expertise in CPP’s product lines, as well as strong sales channels in the UK and in Europe. CPP has been particularly impressed with OPP’s ability to create innovative new content that addresses local market needs, as well as develop effective consulting and research services, training programs and supporting solutions and products. Through the acquisition, CPP plans to align its business strategies to: Capitalize on the skills and expertise of the OPP team Unify sales and distribution across the US, Europe, Singapore and Australia, as well as throughout CPP’s global distribution network Enable innovation and speed to market The creative forces of CPP and OPP will collaborate in the development of class-leading product suites and solutions, thereby enhancing and expanding CPP’s existing product and service portfolio. “By combining these two great companies, we believe we will create something stronger than the sum of their respective parts,” says Jeff Hayes, President and CEO of CPP, Inc. “Together we will deliver on our mission to inspire everyone on the planet to know, use, and share the power of personality.” Meeting the needs of a diverse global market The acquisition will give CPP additional scale to orchestrate and execute on multiple initiatives.  In addition, CPP will be better positioned to meet the needs of diverse markets–to think globally, yet act locally through a unified business...

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Washington State DOT Gives Green Light for Leadership Training with the CPI 260 Tool

Oct 24, 2016 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Washington State Department of Transportation is concerned with more than just roads. They’re also responsible for aviation, ferries, bicyclists, railways, public transportation and more. They’re stewards of multimodal transportation systems that are complex, intertwined, and tasks with ensuring safety no matter the method of transportation. In addition, they’re environmentally conscious about all projects and programs, and are supported by more than 6,800 full-time employees, including engineers, vessel captains, maintenance technicians, environmental specialists, planners, and many others. Given the vast number of responsibilities and projects, WSDOT was looking for a way to enhance their leadership training programs to better enhance individual leader’s knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence. They were looking to improve interactions throughout the organization, starting from the top down, while also reducing costs by increasing individual and team efficiency. After considering multiple tools to enhance leadership development initiatives, WSDOT chose the CPI 260® assessment to aid in their development programs and have had incredible results. Paul Ganalon, Leadership Development Administrator at WSDOT, said they used the tool primarily “to help current leaders understand their interpersonal style, way of leading, motivation and personal characteristics having to do with their managerial responsibilities. Also, to identify leadership characteristics to help the individual grown and develop.” Take a look at the full case study below to learn more about how the Washington State Department of Transportation uses the CPI 260...

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Allianz Global Improves Leadership, Teamwork with the FIRO-B Tool

Sep 7, 2016 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Allianz Global Investors is a leading active investment manager with a strong parent company and a culture of risk management. With 25 offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, they provide global investment and research capabilities with consultative local delivery. Allianz Global has a rich history, started over 125 years ago they now serve over 82 million clients in 70 countries. With over 540 investment professionals in the high-stress position of managing billions in assets, Allianz was looking for a tool to decrease the inevitable conflict between individuals, improve team effectiveness, and increase individual engagement and leadership potential. The firm had already been using the MBTI assessment but was looking to add another layer of insight for their employees to improve and increase their self-awareness. Marissa Palumbo, the Global Learning and Development Associate at Allianz Global Investors recently shared that the company chose to use the FIRO-B tool to improve teamwork and better execute management development initiatives, sharing that the tool was “great for self-awareness”. Take a look at the case study below to learn more about how Allianz Global Investors used the FIRO-B tool:                                                                                                              ...

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Executive Office of the President Uses FIRO-B for Team Development

Jul 22, 2016 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

To provide the President of the United States with the support that he or she needs to govern effectively, the Executive Office of the President (EOP) was created in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The EOP has responsibility for tasks ranging from communicating the President’s message to the American people to promoting our trade interests abroad. Overseen by the White House Chief of Staff, the EOP has traditionally been home to many of the President’s closest advisors, including the Council of Economic Advisers, the Council on Environmental Quality, the National Security Council, the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of National Drug Control Policy and many more. With all these important advisors working together, you can bet that at some time or another, their priorities will not all align and teamwork would be crucial. But did you know that the Executive Office of the President also has a Chief Learning Officer? The CLO serves as a program analyst primarily responsible for implementing Office of Management and Budget’s comprehensive learning strategy and managing the learning and development program, among other things. Through TechValidate, our third party research platform, we recently learned a little more about how the EOP is using the FIRO-B® assessment in their learning and development program. Take a look at the case study below to learn more:        ...

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Leading culture from your strengths

Jul 8, 2016 in CPP Connect | 1 comment

“Please send me an email outlining what I should do to be a good leader of culture,” requested an introverted C-level executive as we launched a major culture initiative across his organization. What would you write? ...

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American Red Cross Uses CPI 260 Tool to Identify Leadership Potential

Jun 24, 2016 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood, which means approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the U.S. People need blood for a variety of reasons, from chemotherapy treatment to natural disasters, and many often need more than a few pints. A single car accident victim can require as many of 100 pints of blood. In addition, blood can’t be manufactured – it can only come from generous donors. And since 1940, under the leadership of Dr. Charles Drew, the American Red Cross has taken on that need with astounding success. In fact, nearly 40% of the nation’s blood supply is provided through the Red Cross to 2,600 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide. It’s organizations that help serve our country such as the Red Cross that make us at CPP proud to be able to provide assessments and training that help their organizations, and their employees, be more successful. Specifically, the American Red Cross used the CPI 260 instrument in order to address the challenge of objectively identifying leadership potential within their organization Read more below about how the Red Cross used the CPI 260 assessment and why they’d recommend it:           Learn more about the American Red Cross, blood types, and find a donation event near you by visiting Learn more about the CPI 260 assessment, view case studies and videos and download sample reports at To get more in-depth information about the CPI 260 assessment and how it’s used in leadership initiatives, download the CPI Leadership Playbook here.             TechValidate is a third party research firm that collects information from verified CPP customers, checks the accuracy and authenticity of the data and publishes statistics, deployment facts, and the unfiltered voice of the end-user, without any editorial/analyst commentary, to a research portal open to the public. Click here to access CPP’s customer research...

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