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MBTI® Tool in the News: Police Stress

Oct 11, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

I like this article from CPP’s Canadian friends—Psychometrics Canada. It discusses how the MBTI® tool is used to train people to deal with “grip” experiences at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa. Learn...

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MBTI® Tool in the News: Career Planning and Development in the Second Half of Life

Oct 6, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 1 comment

Here’s another article that was published a few years ago. This one focuses on using the MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® tools in career development for people not yet ready to retire. Click here to learn...

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MBTI® Tool in the News: Communication

Oct 4, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

The summer is over and yet the heat is at its height in the Bay Area. I hope wherever you are, life is good! Here’s a link to an article written a while back. I think it really captures one way the MBTI® tool can be used to improve communication. Click here to access the article....

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What Makes Us Give—An ENFJ Perspective

Sep 27, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

I asked a colleague with preferences for ENFJ what reasons she has for contributing to a cause. She replied, “I typically donate on a monthly basis to a variety of charities. I have the firm belief that it is an opportunity to share and give back to the community and the greater world. It helps me feel like my priorities are in the right place and reminds me that we continue to be very fortunate.” When I asked if she has donated to political campaigns, she answered, “I have not elected to donate to a political campaign. It does not have the same impact as assisting non-profits and charities for me.” When I asked how this relates to her work at CPP she said, “I know I personally really value that CPP focuses on giving back to the communities it serves. I think it is really important for companies to do so, and it resonates with our employee...

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What Makes Us Give—An ISTP Perspective

Sep 22, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

I asked an acquaintance with preferences for ISTP about the last time he donated to a cause. He said, “A neighbor’s run for leukemia was the last time that comes to mind. I donated because she is a friend, but I admit there was some peer pressure to donate also.” When I asked what other reasons come to mind for donating his time he said, “I have my own business, so I will donate for the promotion of my business, though when I donate I feel good about it because I’m doing something that will be...

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Why We Give—An ENFP Perspective

Sep 20, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 2 comments

A colleague with preferences for ENFP told me, “Annually, I give to The Elena Macías Foundation, which is set up to take care of the educational needs of children in Agua Verde, Sinaloa, México. My wife and I believe in and support this charity because it was established to help a specific group of individuals in a financially challenged area of México. There are very few, if any, administrative costs, which could take money away from the recipients, and we personally know the family who runs this foundation, as they make it a point to get to know their donors.” “Plus,” he continued, “education is near and dear to us, and giving these children an opportunity to better themselves will enrich their lives and move them past the point at which they are today. Additionally, the children must perform at a certain academic level in order for their families to continue to receive the benefits from the foundation, which we believe is best for all...

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Why We Give—An ISTJ Perspective

Sep 15, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 1 comment

I asked a person with preferences for ISTJ about any recent donations he has made. He told me, “A year ago I donated to Doctors Without Borders. I like what they do. I admire people, especially doctors, who have the drive to go out of their way to help others. The first time I donated to them was for Haiti’s earthquake.” He continued, “In general, I will donate to a cause that is connected in some way to a friend—for example, cancer research—or, as in the case of the earthquake, the country where I was born.” Another colleague with preferences for ISTJ told me, “Two days ago I donated a massage to kids in some hospital program. I’ll do small-level donations on occasions like that. I’ve never donated for politics, and I don’t volunteer—extremely poor bang for the buck. And because my politics don’t line up well with the two major parties, I’m not too interested in working on campaigns.” He added, “You should also consider the role of age when it comes to why we donate. I read that there are profiles of people who want different things from giving; for example, younger people are more likely to put in time and are more interested in actually seeing some improvement based on their contributions. Older people are more interested in simply writing a...

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What Makes Us Give—An ENTP Perspective

Sep 9, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 2 comments

Two people with preferences for ENTP wrote in to share their thoughts on why they give. An ENTP man wrote, “Last month I donated to the Silicon Valley Humane Society. I’ve given to them pretty regularly to help local homeless animals. I really love animals, and it’s a little something I can do to help them. I like knowing that I’m helping homeless animals find a home or medical care they need.” He continued, “I donated money during the 2008 election season. I hoped it would help the candidate that I thought would be best for the American win. I actually had mixed feelings about making this donation (it was the first time I had donated to an election), but in the end I was glad I did, even though the candidate didn’t win. An ENTP woman replied, “I volunteered to help build care packages for CSA, a local shelter that aids the local homeless. My husband and I spent Christmas Day with Open Hand in San Francisco to serve lunch. I also donated money to the Japan relief effort. I love volunteering and helping people. I like that it helps people/animals in need when/where they need it the most. I love volunteering but understand that it isn’t for everyone and people have different nonprofits they are interested in, so I usually do it independently or with my...

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A Look at the MBTI® Step II™ Instrument

Sep 7, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

If you would like to learn about the MBTI® Step II™ instrument, I hope you will check out an article I wrote for the World Type Alliance. Click here to access the...

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What Makes Us Give—An ISFJ Perspective

Aug 30, 2011 in MBTI Talk | 13 comments

I asked a person with preferences for ISFJ (my partner, Kevin) what reasons he has for contributing to a cause. Recently, he asked me to join him in helping run an afternoon of bingo at a nearby retirement home. I asked him what the experience meant to him. “I’ve always felt that I needed to be doing something that was just the giving of my time,” he said. “I like working with elderly people because a lot of our elderly just get left alone and no one comes to visit and engage with them anymore. I don’t want to think that way. I want to engage. One day, I am going to be in a position where I’m going to need others’ help and I want people to be there, whether it is family or volunteers making sure I’m okay, even if they don’t know me.” I asked if this has always been a part of who he is. “I’ve felt a desire to serve from my early teens to now,” he replied. “Volunteering to serve the community, to be of service in a community…to humankind with everyday things is important to me. When I was a teen I wanted to be a missionary so I could help people who were not as fortunate as us. That way of thinking has manifested in different ways as I have gotten older, but the root of it has stayed the same. I just want to...

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