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The Introverted Disney Experience—The Little Kid in Me

Oct 30, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

For months after that first Disney experience I would have dreams that I was walking through those magical front entrance gates only to wake up disappointed that it was only a dream. So every time I’ve visited Disney since, that same feeling of joy overcomes me when I do walk through those gates. As I found myself approaching the entrance by myself for the first time, I thought that maybe I wouldn’t have that same feeling. To my surprise, it was still there. I found myself smiling and skipping (yes, at 52 I still skip when I’m excited). I scanned the different lines and chose the one that looked the shortest. True to my skill or lack thereof in choosing lines, mine was the slowest. “I have to get in there now” was all I could think. The little kid in me was alive and well as I finally moved through and approached my first choice once inside the park. “Which way to go?” My gut took me to the left tunnel entrance and then on to Main Street USA. The color, sounds and feelings came flooding back. I was 8 again, but this time I was by myself. And guess what, that was perfectly fine. To be continued… As you can see, I absolutely love Disneyland! Check out my last blog post to read about my very first Disney...

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The Introverted Disney Experience

Oct 28, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

A few weeks back I found myself in southern California to deliver a workshop. I planned to arrive a day early to go to Disneyland with a colleague from CPP. Due to scheduling issues, my colleague was not able to go. My first thought was to not go myself… “Who goes to Disneyland by himself?” I thought. After going back and forth I decided to make that choice once my flight landed and I picked up my car. As I left the car rental parking lot, it just hit me. “Why not? I deserve a little break.” It might do me some good to just go and then choose what to do once I got there. Now that I had some semblance of a plan, I found myself eager to arrive and start to embrace the Disney experience. Ever since I was little I have loved Disneyland. My parents first took my sisters and me back in 1970. I was 8 years old. Terry, my older middle sister, was so excited she actually got sick and had to spend the morning at Disney first aid. I remember taking a family photo with the Chipmunks, coveting my E-ride tickets, while glancing over at the popcorn stand thinking to myself, “Now that is the perfect job.” Joining the circus was one of my “dream” jobs when I was a little kid. That day selling popcorn at Disneyland became the other. To be...

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Keep MBTI® Type Alive

Oct 23, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

Be “type proud” and drink your coffee in style with an MBTI® “Type Head” “to-go” coffee cup! Each 16 oz. cup vibrantly displays one of the 16 MBTI type heads with descriptive terms associated with the personality preferences of that type. Also great as a gift for friends or co-workers who have shared their type with you! Grab yours today for only $16.95! Also, if you’re looking to add some fun to your next MBTI® group trainings, check out CPP’s new “type heads” posters....

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Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Affection

Oct 21, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

Of all my interpersonal needs Affection (or Connection on the FIRO Business® tool) is the one that is most important for me. While still relatively low, Affection is the need that when met keeps me most satisfied. Affection is one of the biggest reasons I have been at CPP for over 26 years—half my life! I no longer have an office in the building, but when I walk through our headquarters it feels so good to have people go out of their way to greet me with the biggest smiles and hugs. I know this might sound corny to some people. It’s not even close to corny for me. Did you know that the FIRO® assessment can give you insight into another aspect of your personality? Read this blog post to learn...

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Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Interpersonal Needs

Oct 16, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

I’ve shared in the past that my MBTI® preferences are INFP. By adding information from the FIRO-B® tool I get a more complete look at my interpersonal needs. Overall, I have relatively low interpersonal needs. That works great in the life I lead traveling all over usually by myself. Sure I prefer spending time with Kevin, my partner, but to be honest time with him is really all I most often need. When I travel by myself I don’t mind walking into a restaurant and asking for a table for one. There are times that I get that “oh I’m sorry you are by yourself” look. Early on in my life I would feel embarrassed by that look. Now, it doesn’t really affect me. Instead, I eagerly walk over to my table (preferably in a corner) with my iPad in hand. A nice quiet dinner by myself is often the best way for me to end a day. To learn more about the value of becoming FIRO® certified, click...

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It’s Almost Here: MBTI User’s Conference in Dubai

Oct 14, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

We’re very excited and putting the last minute details in place for the MBTI® User’s Conference this week! We’ll be keeping you updated as the conference progresses from our social media channels below: Facebook Twitter  (You can also search #MBTIConference14 for more immediate updates from event attendees) Instagram This year’s conference theme is Developing Talent for a Stronger Future. Curios about how assessments such as the MBTI can help you develop your employees? The video below with CPP Professional Services Solutions Consultant Sherrie Haynie describes how assessments can give employees insight into themselves and aid in their development. Speaking of the theme, the below white paper is a great resource about coaching leaders with the MBTI: Want to learn more about the Dubai conference? Check out the earlier blogs posted about the first MBTI® Users Conference: Ready to Sharpen Your MBTI Expertise? Sneak Peak at the MBTI® Users Conference Keynote The Growth of the MBTI in the Middle East After the conference, we’ll put together an event summary along with the key takeaways from Dubai and post them to the blog for those of you that couldn’t make the trek to attend the conference in person. Stay tuned to the blog and stay in touch on social media for...

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The Myers-Briggs® and FIRO® Tools

Oct 9, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

On November 3 and 4, CPP is hosting a FIRO® Certification Program in Mountain View. As far as I know there is still space for you to register and attend. I will be dropping by, but I am bummed I can’t stay the entire time—I’m training off-site that week. If you are planning to attend, it would be great to meet you. Or, if we’ve met earlier during an MBTI® Certification Program, it would be great to see you again. I always mention the FIRO-B® tool during the certification programs I facilitate. As you would expect, the MBTI® preferences correlate nicely with the three FIRO-B interpersonal needs—Inclusion, Control, and Affection (FIRO Business® version: Involvement, Influence, and Connection). For more information on the FIRO-B® Certification Program, click here. Did you know that interpersonal needs add another unique dimension to who we are and why we do the things we do? Check out this blog post by application consultant, Pam Valencia to learn...

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Become a FIRO® Certified Practitioner Today!

Oct 7, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

The MBTI® assessment helps us understand personality type and see how we like to get energized, take in information, make decisions, and orient ourselves to the outer world. At the same time, the FIRO® tool can also be beneficial because it provides an understanding of interpersonal needs, which gives us insight into another aspect of our personality—what motivates our behavior in regard to how much interaction we want with others. If you want more information on becoming a FIRO certified practitioner, click here. CPP will actually hold their first-ever public two-day FIRO® Certification Program on November 3-4, 2014. You’re invited to learn more about how one-on-one leadership development and coaching is where you can really make a difference in an employee’s career. Here are some benefits of becoming certified: Develop the expertise to develop employees’ leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, one-to-one relationships, and teamwork, and inspire greatness throughout your entire organization Learn how to professionally and ethically administer assessments and interpret reports, help employees make sense of their results, and address frequently asked questions Become your organization’s go-to guide for turning employees into leaders, recognizing and growing true potential, and improving performance Also, check out a blog post by CPP’s application consultant, Pam Valencia, which takes a deeper dive into the FIRO...

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Type and Careers—Career Decision Making

Oct 2, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

This passage from the MBTI® Manual sums the MBTI® tool up nicely: “Any decision depends on good information and rational judgments, and type theory is based on perception (Sensing and Intuition), which involves gathering data, and on judgment (Thinking or Feeling), which involves making decisions.” Extraversion and Introversion also play a role here. For example, it has been presented in the Manual that those who prefer Introversion may take longer to find a new position than those who prefer Extraversion. That could be because those who prefer Extraversion have more contacts both socially and professionally. And those who prefer Introversion may want to reflect on information a bit longer. As you would expect, those who prefer Judging make more career decisions than those who prefer Perceiving. There was no proof presented in the Manual that the other preference pairs show differences in career decisiveness. Of course, this means we need to consider that those who prefer Judging may use Thinking or Feeling too soon in the career process, while those who prefer Perceiving may use Sensing or Intuition and stay open (undecided) too long. To learn more, check out the MBTI® Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument (3rd ed.). Did you know that values often represent a major driver in career decision making? Read my last blog post to learn...

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Type and Careers—Values

Sep 30, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

Values often represent a major driver in career decision making. I definitely think this is why I have been at CPP for so long. I’m approaching 27 years this coming May. Amazing! Personality type, of course, connects to our values. There is a nice table in the MBTI® Manual that shows organizational values of the 16 types. It’s not a surprise to me that people who share my preferences for INFP also most value nurturing affiliation. Those who prefer ESTJ most value achievement within the system. Here are a few more: ISFJ – home/family, health, friendships ENTP – home/family, autonomy, achievement INTJ – health, home/family, achievement Fascinating! To learn more, check out the MBTI® Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument (3rd ed.). Keep in mind that when searching for a new career, it is important that the job you are considering aligns with your interests and personality preferences. Read my last blog post to find out...

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