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Greetings from a new blogger!

Apr 14, 2009 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

I’d like to introduce myself as one of the newest bloggers to our Education Community site! My name is Karen Gonzalez and I began working for CPP in November of 2007 as the Marketing Coordinator. I have been dedicated to serving the needs of our customers who work in the fields of Education and Career Counseling, and I am also the editor of our quarterly CPP Career Insider. When I accepted the position at CPP, I had just graduated from college a few months before (May 2007) and I was very excited to share my experiences as a recent student with my coworkers. My encounter with CPP’s products began while I was in college. During the course of my college career, I switched majors three times. I spent more time worrying about which major to choose than I did thinking about the future. It wasn’t until my last semester in college that I began to panic about what I was supposed to do after I graduated. I had already chosen a major I liked, but I was uncertain, and I also was not sure where that major was supposed to take me. I was intimidated to visit my career center because I was already a senior and knew I should have visited earlier, but I never made the time for it. When I finally worked up the nerve to seek guidance, a career counselor who helped me suggested I take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and Strong Interest Inventory® assessments. I had already been given both assessments a few years before, but I unfortunately hadn’t been given a proper interpretation. Therefore, I hadn’t found my results useful, so I dismissed the second opportunity to take them.   Shortly after joining CPP, I became certified in both the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory assessments. I now realize the tremendous value these hold and recognize the importance of a proper interpretation. Had this been the case in my experience, I would have been much more confident in the major that I chose. It was much more stressful than it needed to be with all the endless career choices I was presented with. Being an ENFJ, my Intuition made it a bit difficult to narrow down which career path I wanted to take. Luckily, I ended up loving the one I did finally choose, and here I am now! We will be...

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