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ISFP – How can I make an immediate and profound impact on the people around me?

Mar 19, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 1 comment

Written by Catherine Rains Like those with INFP preferences, ISFP types are driven by Introverted Feeling. This means that they are driven by a very personal set of inner values that will rarely be seen, and only by those closest to their hearts.  Wanting to make a practical, immediate difference for those in their lives, their choice of careers reflects this desire.  In my survey, people with this preference identified the following careers as attractive: Education, Grant Writing, Fundraising, Social Work, Non-Profit, Human Resources, and Nursing. Call to those of you who prefer ISFP – what others careers have you been attracted to?  The more we add to this list the better and feel free to repeat what is already listed above.  We’re looking for the most comprehensive list possible so that others types fully understand what careers feel most natural to those of you who prefer...

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Dealing with Difficult Professors, Part I

Mar 12, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

There are many reasons why you might find professors to be difficult. You might disagree with their point of view, you might not like the resources they’re using, or you just might not like the subject. This can be due to personality type differences between the two of you.

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Educating your leadership style through personality type

Mar 4, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

MBTI® type doesn’t say whether you’ll be a good leader, but it does indicate how you’ll go about it. Knowing your preferences for leadership can help you hone your innate style, and develop in areas that come less naturally.

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INFP – Motivated by personal values that are rarely shared

Feb 28, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 13 comments

Those that prefer INFP are driven by Introverted Feeling, which translates into very personal, inner values, that you might not ever see, yet they shape most of their decisions, including which careers they choose.

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ESFJ – Taking care of the immediate interpersonal needs of the group

Feb 20, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 1 comment

Those that prefer ESFJ want to provide immediate, practical support, and usually within a traditional structure. Read more.

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Self-Care: Doing Your Best Requires Being Your Best

Feb 13, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

In the next four posts we will discuss quick tips that are useful to all personality types during the transition from service to civilian life. We begin with self-care, a much talked about but frequently overlooked necessity.

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ENFJ – Making long-term decisions based on what is good for all

Feb 8, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 13 comments

Naturally inclined to create harmony in their environment, ENFJs also want to support the long term development of individuals and the team in which they are working. Read more.

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ISTJ – Remembering what we did before and how it worked

Feb 1, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 7 comments

ISTJ types are usually attracted to “bottom line” careers that allow them to use their natural inclination toward data, numbers, science, reality, and efficiency. Read more.

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ESTP – I’ll pursue the most efficient and fun option that appears on my path

Jan 28, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Those who prefer ESTP are motivated by their Extroverted Sensing dominant, meaning they are hyper-aware of their immediate environment, and will usually choose to act on the most logical and efficient option that appears in the present moment. Read more.

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ISFJ – Remembering what was important from my personal past

Jan 25, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Those that prefer ISFJ are driven by Introverted Sensing, which means they readily remember specific personal details from their past, which becomes a core of their decisions made in the present. Read more.

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