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4/3 Webinar: I know what your students are interested in, do you?

Mar 19, 2018 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Interests spur action and decision-making. The importance of students making informed and intentional decisions about their educational and career goals based upon interest and self-awareness is well documented as a key driver of student motivation and engagement. And research has demonstrated that an engaged student is far more likely to persist.

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Interview: The Beginnings of the SuperStrong Assessment

Jun 7, 2017 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

While CPP, Inc. has been around for over sixty years and is best known for the Myers-Briggs® and Strong Interest Inventory® assessments, our small but mighty division, CPP Innovation Labs, was created to listen to our customer’s and the market’s current needs to develop products and services to address those. Challenging the status quo is what we’re all about at CPP Innovation Labs. Craig Johnson, Director of Data Science, talks to us about how the SuperStrong assessment was developed.

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Webinar: Build the Workforce of Tomorrow

May 3, 2017 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

“96% of students completed the SuperStrong assessment, whereas most assessments typically achieve a 75–80% completion rate” – Data gathered from a recent First-Year Experience course at a four-year university With that kind of completion rate, it’s no wonder that our newest offering, the SuperStrong™ tool, derived from the gold-standard Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, is gaining a lot of attention within 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities. Listen to a free webinar to learn about how this mobile-enabled, self-interpretable tool, which takes only 5-7 minutes to complete, can help your students choose the right education and career paths for their particular interests.

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Using the MBTI in Education in the Way It Was Designed

Dec 14, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is commonly used for career exploration at numerous college counseling offices, and many Psychology and Business departments offer courses using the instrument, too. In spite of – or perhaps because of – its widespread use, there has arisen much debate about its application and value. Should the MBTI be used in education? As the person primarily in charge of updating the instrument for the publisher for the past decade, I can attest that the answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no”. It depends entirely on what you are using it for.

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Putting E–I and S–N together to support student success, Part 3

Jun 6, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

The first step in teaching students to thrive in any classroom is to have them identify the teaching style of their teachers...

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USC Marshall School of Business Finds Students 75% More Engaged with Strong Interest Inventory

Jun 2, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility, the USC Marshall School of Business is ideally positioned to address the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. Their guiding philosophy – success demands an understanding of the inner workings of the global marketplace –has established USC Marshall as a leader among the nation’s premier business schools.

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Anderson University Career Services Finds Success with Strong Tool

Apr 29, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Ranked as one of the best regional colleges in the South by both U.S. News and World Report and The Princeton Review, Anderson University in South Carolina is a comprehensive institution offering bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in 36 majors and 38 concentrations. In addition, Anderson recently announced the creation of a new college to expand education in their health care programs with the College of Health Professionals, emerging June 2016, and including distinct areas of study in Nursing, Human Performance, and Physical Therapy.

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“I’m Both!”

Mar 29, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

How many times have you heard that statement? It’s not surprising, since for many people the MBTI model of looking at preferences is a new way of looking at themselves.

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Square Pegs in Round Holes

Mar 25, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

So you’re doing an MBTI® preference pair activity where you have people form two groups—one for each preference—and there’s someone in one of those groups who just doesn’t seem to belong there but who swears that the group is in fact the right one. Here are a few ways to handle this kind of situation:

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Career Ready, Career Strong

Mar 18, 2016 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

As a career counselor and academic advisor, you want your students to have the best tools to prepare for the future—preferably before the last minute. That's why, as your expert personal guide, we've created a "Career Ready, Career Strong" toolkit based on the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment to help you promote your career services and get your students on the right track sooner. Access your toolkit now.

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