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4/3 Webinar: I know what your students are interested in, do you?

Mar 19, 2018 in CPP Connect, | 0 comments

Interests spur action and decision-making. The importance of students making informed and intentional decisions about their educational and career goals based upon interest and self-awareness is well documented as a key driver of student motivation and engagement. And research has demonstrated that an engaged student is far more likely to persist.

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It’s Almost Here: MBTI User’s Conference in Dubai

Oct 14, 2014 in CPP Connect, | 0 comments

We’re very excited and putting the last minute details in place for the MBTI® User’s Conference this week! We’ll be keeping you updated as the conference progresses from our social media channels below: Facebook Twitter  (You can also search #MBTIConference14 for more immediate updates from event attendees) Instagram This year’s conference theme is Developing Talent for a Stronger Future. Curios about how assessments such as the MBTI can help you develop your employees? The video below with CPP Professional Services Solutions Consultant Sherrie Haynie describes how assessments can give employees insight into themselves and aid in their development. Speaking of the theme, the below white paper is a great resource about coaching leaders with the MBTI: Want to learn more about the Dubai conference? Check out the earlier blogs posted about the first MBTI® Users Conference: Ready to Sharpen Your MBTI Expertise? Sneak Peak at the MBTI® Users Conference Keynote The Growth of the MBTI in the Middle East After the conference, we’ll put together an event summary along with the key takeaways from Dubai and post them to the blog for those of you that couldn’t make the trek to attend the conference in person. Stay tuned to the blog and stay in touch on social media for...

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You and Your Career: Where Priscilla Is Today

Oct 10, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Discovering the career path that best matches your interests, values, and personality doesn’t always mean changing course. Sometimes it’s about reaffirming and reenergizing the path you are already on, as is the case for Priscilla....

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You and Your Career: How I Answered the “Is This All There Is?” Call

Oct 2, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

In my mid-thirties, I was in a career that mostly matched the primary motivators of the middle letters of my type: NF. I had been a career counselor for the past decade and, at that moment, was managing a university career center that provided me with the opportunity to do what NF types love to do most— inspire, motivate, create, strategize, brainstorm, and envision. But something still felt missing...

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You and Your Career: Answering the “Is This All There Is?” Call

Sep 26, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

In the first half of life, assuming our middle letters are affirmed by the outside world, we pursue careers and avocational interests that reflect our functions. Then somewhere along the line, even if we’re extremely happy with our career and/or life, many of us start to long for something more—something undefined that seems to be missing.

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You and Your Career: Using the MBTI and Strong Tools for Career Planning | Priscilla’s Next Steps

Aug 19, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Taking you along our cycles of success journey of applying the MBTI® and Strong tools in your career development and personal life is Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP’s Solutions Consultant. You can read all of the blogs of this multi-part this series here.  Pricilla’s Next Steps During our first meeting, I gave Priscilla an assignment to look for patterns among her highest scores for Basic Interest Scales and Occupational Scales on the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. Again, what most interested her fit into focused categories: College Admissions, Higher Ed Administration, Human Resources, Motivational Speaking, and Career Counseling. She was also excited to realize how much she enjoyed writing inspiring speeches, either for herself or for others to deliver—something she could possibly do within each of the career fields she is considering, as well as within her current career in college admissions. After discussing these options, she realized that all of them would meet her primary motivation identified in her career mission statement. Although still presenting a wide range of choices, they are all focused around helping, counseling, motivating, and inspiring others. Priscilla also compiled a list of what she liked and disliked in current and past jobs. This list is being added to her career mission statement as additional criteria to consider as she continues to explore the fields that most interest her. We also discussed how, when describing the process of discovering their ideal career, individuals who share her preferences for ENFP often use some version of the phrase “it just happened.” Many NPs also often say they are still looking for “it,” even when they are currently in a career that is deeply rewarding. However, for a job/career to “just happen,” Priscilla needs to first put herself in a place where those options can find her. Since she wants to remain in the community in which she now lives, we talked about strategies for becoming more connected in her target career fields, which will allow her to explore without actually applying for any jobs, at least at this stage. More than likely, in the process of becoming connected she’ll stumble upon an opportunity that fits most or all of her search criteria, which could also include remaining with her current employer. As of today, these are the four options she is exploring, in order of priority: Moving up within her current profession as an admissions counselor at Adams State University...

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You and Your Career: Priscilla’s Career Mission Statement

Aug 12, 2014 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Taking you along our cycles of success journey of applying the MBTI® and Strong tools in your career development and personal life is Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP’s Solutions Consultant. You can read all of the blogs of this multi-part this series here. In preparation for our next meeting, I asked Priscilla to write her career mission statement using the instructions I shared with you last week. Here is how she responded: “I started out by jotting down words that resonated and then—BOOM. The statement formed, and it was perfect. It makes me very happy Here it is: I want to inspire and motivate people to grow, in an authentic and meaningful way, in order to build community and make the world a better place.” When we met the following week, we talked about how this statement reflects her current occupation, as well as where she sees herself five years from now. Not surprisingly, her statement is an accurate description of what she does now in her current position as college admissions counselor. We talked about how to use this statement moving forward as the guiding force to make sure that any new opportunities she considers also fulfill this primary motivation. Overall, Priscilla said that although it was hard to get started writing her statement, it helped her realize that she has more clarity and focus that she originally thought. As you would expect of someone with ENFP preferences, she is considering many options, but they are actually very focused: she wants to help/counsel, motivate, and inspire others. Next time I’ll share the actual options she is considering and the game plan we mapped out for her in realizing her dream career. Follow our “Cycles of Success” journey at ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you’re interested in taking the MBTI assessment for yourself, you can visit If you’re interested in the MBTI or Strong assessments for your company, you can contact one of our Solutions Consultants (such as myself) by filling out a...

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See What’s Fact & Fiction in a New MBTI® Infographic

Aug 12, 2014 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

There’s no doubt that much of the criticism of the MBTI instrument stems from misconceptions about what it does, and what it should be used for. This is why CPP created an infographic series to address these misconceptions and clarify understanding of the instrument’s history, theory, proper use and research-based foundation. I recently had a chance to check out the second infographic in this series, which was just released a few days ago! It looks pretty cool and creatively dispels popular myths, such as the idea that the MBTI tool detects personality flaws, determines political leanings, or is available in free formats. Check out the Folk Tales & True Stories II infographic now! To view the first Folk Tales & True Stories infographic, click here....

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