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Commonly Asked Questions about the CPI 260®

Feb 5, 2009 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

With the baby-boomers retiring, another organizational “hot topic” is Leadership Development. If you are certified, the CPI 260® tool  is great for addressing this, as it can reveal a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of new leaders. Because the in-depth assessment is used mostly for succession-planning, leadership development, and selection, and asks participants to be somewhat self-revealing, individuals taking the assessment often raise specific questions about the tool – all are legitimate and deserve attention. Here is a list of the most common questions about the CPI 260 and some suggested answers that will help you administer the tool with ease, and provide assurance to those taking the assessment. You most likely are familiar with these questions and answers as a certified provider, but if you could use a refresher, read on. 1. Will my boss (or someone else in the company) see my answers? No one (other than the certified grader) will have any access to the individual answers; however, someone else may see the profile and hear its interpretation, depending on how the Inventory will be used. 2. Wouldn’t it be better if someone completed the Inventory about me so I could get their feedback? Many instruments and surveys can be completed by other raters; they present a picture of you through others’ eyes. CPI results can not be used like this. No one else can answer the items for you, and if someone else did, the results would reflect their personality, not yours. You will only receive an accurate picture by answering the questions yourself.  3. Can I leave the items blank? If you cannot make a choice, if some item absolutely is not applicable, or if you would rather not reveal what the item is asking about, then leave it blank. However, if more than 10-15 items are left blank, the resulting profile may be invalid. 4. What if I can’t decide on an answer? Remember, you can leave a few items blank. However, some people find themselves hesitating on many. Choose the answer that is most like you in this case, even though it may not apply to you literally or always. It is actually better in this Inventory to choose quickly than to devote a lot of time figuring out what the items mean. 5. Why are some items repeated? Actually, very few items are repeated verbatim. Several constitute variations on a...

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