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Help Students Manage Stress to Build Resiliency with the MBTI® and TKI Assessments

Apr 23, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

The excitement and anticipation of graduation, coupled with the fear and uncertainty of a job search, can result in conflict and atypical behavior. What can you do to help students cope during this stressful time and get through it with increased resiliency? You can work with them using the MBTI and TKI assessments.

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5 Ways to Leverage Personality Types

Apr 19, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Profile recently showcased this article from CPP's President and CEO Jeff Hayes about how leaders can create a cohesive, energizing, performance-driven environment by applying principles of personality type to five key mainstays of business success.

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Get It Together!

Apr 10, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Whatever your type, you can get it together! Guest blog by Patrick L. Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner

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Control Alt Delete

Apr 6, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

By Patrick L. Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner. In “Flipping Out” I wrote about how each MBTI personality type can appear when under stress. Here is some insight to getting back to normal.

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Time Well Spent

Mar 15, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Imagine that you have access to a "time machine" that allows you to go back in time and coach your younger self. What advice would you give yourself? Would you have done anything differently?

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Putting the Practice in Practitioner

Mar 9, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

It is so gratifying to hear from newly certified practitioners and to learn about how they are putting their new MBTI® knowledge into practice. Jennifer Overbo, MBTI® Product Marketing Manager, recently had the pleasure of meeting Mary, one of our 2011 graduates, at a local event. Mary provided her with some feedback about how she is using the MBTI instrument to help leadership teams improve their relationships—and their effectiveness.

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CPP Provides Leadership Development Program for the SFCAPC’s New Management Team

Mar 7, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

The SFCAPC uses CPP assessments in it's leadership program for a more cohesive team.

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Join the new CPI™ Practitioner Group on LinkedIn

Feb 28, 2012 in CPP Connect | 3 comments

CPP is pleased to announce the new CPI™ Practitioner Group on LinkedIn. We invite you to join!

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Using the CPI 260® and MBTI® Assessments Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Feb 27, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Reveal leadership competencies and work styles and help employees be better with these tips from "Leadership Longevity."

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CPP Presents a “Be Better” Tip

Feb 24, 2012 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Michael Segovia walks you through how to apply insights from the FIRO-B® Profile report results to improve communication and interpersonal relations.

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