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5/7/15 Ask an Expert Webinar: Strategies & Overview of the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment

Apr 17, 2015 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

Register now for this free and informative webinar!

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Working Together: Conflict—INTJ

Apr 16, 2015 in MBTI Talk | 0 comments

For people who prefer INTJ, “conflict is something that needs to be dealt with so they can get on with life” (Introduction to Type® and Conflict, p. 27). This can work well for them when it is important to “cut to the chase” and move on. However, it could backfire if it makes other people feel like they have been dismissed as individuals for the sake of just solving the problem. The TJ conflict...

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Reconnecting to Loved Ones: Strengthening Personal Commitments

Apr 15, 2015 in CPP Connect | 0 comments

Many who have served return with a heightened sense of responsibility and at the same time a feeling of not knowing where to direct their efforts because others have been in charge of home responsibilities (e.g., chores, bills, childcare) while they were away....

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BLOG DIRECTORY: Managing Your Transition Home

Apr 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The "Managing Your Transition Home" blog series will explore how returning soldiers often feel different from colleagues or fellow job seekers from the civilian world, and how many wonder how they will find work...

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ESTJ: Words or phrases that best describe each MBTI® type

Apr 15, 2015 in Eye on Edu | 0 comments

What three words or phrases would you use to describe your type so that someone else would instantly get the essence of what makes your type tick?

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